Nicole Scherzinger Discography

Selected discography

Year Contribution Album Main Artist Note
1999 Backing vocals
Days of the New II
Days of the New
2001 Lead vocals
Eden's Crush
2003 "Breakfast in Bed"
50 First Dates
Various Artists
2005 Lead vocals, Songwriting
The Pussycat Dolls
2005 "If U Can't Dance" (Slide)
Lost & Found
Will Smith Featured on track
2005 "Supa Hypnotic"
"Don't Ask Her That"
Clothes Drop
Shaggy Featured on tracks
2006 "Lie About Us"
Avant Featured on track
2006 "Il Mio Miracolo (You Are My Miracle"
In the Hands of Love
Vittorio Grigolo Featured on track
2006 "Come to Me"
Press Play
P. Diddy Featured on track
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